It’s a full moon and the LONE WOLF is out!

MAC-LoneWolf-200-NOfxThis week while resting due to NAHREP Board Member Business Rally whiplash, I decided to release the wolf.

Introducing MAC’s LoneWolfSystem (LWS) LWS gives you:

The ability to run it all from your tablet! Use the one you have (Windows only sorry) or we assess your needs to determine what fits your work style best and make a recommendation accordingly.

Since MAC is a Level 3 Authorized HP Agent for ALL HP business Class Equipment from a tablet to the latest Servers and Cloud services, MAC is your gateway to Business Class equipment at usually lower than retain consumer level gear.  Business Class means only PRO operating systems, more rugged construction and components and Total HP Customer Care Warranties at unbelievable savings! Your SECURE HP Business portal where you can see the latest equipment at hard to beat prices with specs you can shop or ORDER YOUR NEW EQUIPMENT TODAY AND HAVE IT TOMORROW (excludes custom configuration orders).

We program up to 3 devices; Your Mobile Phone, Tablet, & Desktop.


You get continuous synchronized, full, offsite, automatic backup

Disaster Recovery - You can actually forget about Disaster Recovery. If your tablet is lost, destroyed or stolen, its only value is the hardware. Oh, and by the way if you purchase your tablet and or desktop through MAC hardware and services, the insurance is included in the subscription because you’ll need the replacement tomorrow morning to continue right where you left off.  In that scenario, you would get your replacement delivered by HP in TBD hours, and that is included in MAC’s LWF.

Paperless, Microsoft Office Suite Pro with storage You’ll always have the latest versions of all the programs and you’ll never pay separately for a software upgrade again!  You’ll never run out of hard disk space! You’ll access everything from whatever mobile device you’re on, wherever in the world you happen to be.

Where’s your Stuff?  Get to your stuff from anywhere in the world you happen to be, at anytime, securely from any mobile device as well as your desktop at your office.

LIVE BROADCAST QUALITY WEB VIDEO With our inexpensive stabilizing systems, you’ll be able to video blog, Hangout or broadcast live to your YouTube channel, in true HD with great sound and lighting in moments from whatever HD capable mobile device you own. Works with your iPhone, Android, iPad, HP Pro tablet, Kindle Fire HD and a couple of low cost accessories.

Tired of your boss or whoever keeps you from being the best?  MAKE THE CHANGE!  You retain custody of your stuff at all times.  If you should decide it’s time to part company or better yet, open your own, replace the old company logo with the new one and your transition’s DONE!

KEEP ABSOLUTE, EXCLUSIVE CUSTODY AND CONTROL of EVERYTHING!  No impact on any of your digital marketing, leaving you open to a sometimes costly or even catastrophic interruption in revenue and keeping your pipeline full.  No interruption in lead generation and management.  Never happens to the Loan Wolf.

When was the last time you changed companies or get rid of the under performing partner and experienced the pain of a major impacting revenue and marketing interruption? Not to my clients!

If we build your WordPress Websites, you control You control your digital marketing assets including video email marketing, Video Blogging & Social media content generation, image and text in all of your marketing collateral including YouTube video content.

How much does all of this cost? - OK, so now your asking, how much does all of this cost?  I recommend you have a cocktail and a seat.  I would not want you to hurt yourself reacting.  Here it is:

Pack Leader Package includes:

You choice of (Recommended:

  • HP Business Class Tablet or
  • HP Business Class Laptop

LWS Includes programming your choice of the above, your Smart Phone and your desktop for LWS access.

If your needs require a more robust hardware solution, I will provide a written estimate of your equipment (with specs so you can shop).  You get it all for a one time setup fee of $199.00 and then $24.95 /month.

Stop trading a few dollars for years of under performance when you go to Fry’s to try to save a few bucks.  I will personally assess what and how you do what you do and provide a recommendation that will maximize your productivity and be easiest to use.  You’ve waited long enough!  CLICK TO START TODAY!




Scan QR Code for live mobile sample

Scan QR Code for live mobile sample

If you’re not a real estate agent or broker but know someone who is, consider passing this along, they will thank you.

As many Real Estate Professionals continue to be unaware they can independently have a dedicated MLS/IDX mobile website with lead generation and management they control, video and an MLS/IDX integrated Facebook Business page for a low one time setup fee and an affordable MetrolistPRO monthly subscription, I’m SPONSORING A FREE HD VIDEO COMMERCIAL SHOOT, along with an MLS/IDX product setup sale, making it affordable for everyone!

The free video event is hosted by Mason McDuffie Mortgage in Elk Grove and sponsored by MAC.  Click for details and a map.  SKIP THE WAIT, CALL (916) 412-6466 for an appointment TODAY!

As we’re all aware the only thing we can count on is change.  Whether it’s a company buy-out, management or philosophical changes which don’t align with your business or family plan, having an independent internet presence, including MLS Facebook integration, MLS mobile and standard websites with lead generation and management systems are the best defense against interruptions in your business.  Are you using your Company’s brand or are you branding yourself?

Watch for some information everyone needs to know about security, coming next week!  Hope everyone had a fun and profitable day!

Is it time to dump your big bank and save on fees?

Are you a small business owner or transitioning jobs or careers and need relief from your mega banks sneaky or increasing fees and slippery lending banking practices?

Here are 3 alternatives worth considering. Credit Unions, Regional Banks and Virtual banks. In many cases customer satisfaction, low or no-fee business models and all the online banking features make these FDIC insured alternatives big money savers.

So if you’re on LinkedIn looking for your next career opportunity, you can lower your banking expenses to stay out of the fee crunch.

I’m researching this for a small business group and will announce my pick and why, soon.  Subscribe to this post to get that automatically.

For Credit Unions, visit For Regional Banks visit and for Virtual Banks search on “virtual banks” and visit Ally, Capital One’s 360 checking, GoBank and Simple.

*Source: Consumer Reports, September 2013

Aren’t Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing the same?

No, they’re not.

Digital marketing revolves around the Internet, which is why people tend to think digital and Internet marketing are the same. They are different. Internet marketing falls under the category of digital marketing.

Internet marketing encompasses digital marketing services like search engine marketing and optimization, display advertising, and video email marketing.  Voice broadcasts, fax broadcasts, pod casting, wireless text messaging, mobile instant messaging, and mobile apps are also included in Digital Marketing which are not included in the narrow definition of Internet marketing. digital marketing refers to mobile marketing, digital telephony, and digital video recorders as well.

Business owners and managers need real-time statistics to demonstrate the value of marketing initiatives. As a result, digital marketing has become an integral component of company marketing strategies.

The need for traditional marketing channels are converging with digital tracking methods and in time, what we consider traditional, will more than likely transform into completely digital marketing formats.

Branding consistency across all mediums is essential to provide a uniform visitor experience wherever a company has a presence.  I’ll talk more about that soon.  Stay tuned!